Indiana Real Estate 
Independent Brokers Association

A Non-Profit organization of Independent Brokers,
Associates and Affiliates.
Founded in 2001 in Indianapolis, Indiana

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June 16th!


Attention Affiliates!

You don't have to be a member.  As you know IREIBA was formed to help Independent Real Estate Brokers with their business by offering interesting and informative speakers.  We allowed Affiliates in the industry to join, but did not want them to outnumber the Broker members, so we put a limit on the number of Affiliates that can become actual members.  However, there is a way around this.  You are more than welcome to come to our meetings by paying the nominal fee of $5 on your second visit and $10 on any other meetings you attend.  You can still apply for membership and when an opening becomes available we will consider your application for membership.  It's simple! 

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